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The Professor Is In: Dr. Joe Martin


Joe Martin is an award-winning motivational speaker, author, professor, and retention expert. He's authored or co-authored seven books, including the top-selling Good Teachers Never Quit, Let Your Leadership Speak, and Tricks of the Grade.

Joe has spoken for more than 600 businesses, organizations, colleges & universities, and K-12 schools/districts. Some of his clients include MetLife, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the United States Navy, and the National Education Association (NEA). He also serves as a guest columnist for three national magazine publications.


So if you're looking for...

  • A Keynote Speaker who will motivate and inspire your audience with a timely and relevant message.

  • A Teacher Trainer who will equip your teachers and administrators with the necessary tools to increase student achievement.

  • A Youth Speaker to educate, entertain, and impact the lives of at-risk youth and student leaders.

  • A College Speaker who will share the secrets to succeeding academically in college and making a difference in life.

  • A Corporate Speaker who will boost employee morale and increase employee retention.


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Keynote speaker Joe Martin

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